Minimalism in cost of living, and space is important in day to day existing in Seattle, while looking for a job. That said, Wi-Fi only Nexus 7 - Moto-Rockr Bluetooth Stereo headphones (for music/sanity) - Off contract Verizon Mi-Fi 4G portable hot spot (WPA2 secured, SSID broadcast turned off) - Mophie portable battery (for when I'm low on juice) plus a spare cable to connect it - lens cleaning cloth, two wall chargers - a pair of gloves - passport (ID/proof of citizenship for when I find a job) - and what my brother adoringly calls an Obama phone (250 free minutes per month, with free unlimited texting - and the dumbphone battery lasts more than 10 days per charge). The bag was a cheap find, $15 Everest bag at Pike Place Outfitters.

Everything packaged up, Nexus charging. And um, Go Hawks!!! ;)